New To Yoga?


Our next six-week session of Beginning Yoga Series II:  February 22nd – April 4th, 2020.        Pay online »

People who have never practiced yoga before tend to desire a beginner’s yoga class so they can be with other beginners. We offer this experience as a six-week session on Saturdays at 2:00 p.m.  At  Bhadra, it is our philosophy that you begin right where you are (now) with your body and mind.  You will learn yoga at your own pace, given patience and practice – and lots of handouts!  We always begin with the basics, which includes how to properly unroll your yoga mat.

New people are also encouraged to “come as you are” to any scheduled drop-in class that fits their schedule.  This studio promotes a non-competitive atmosphere; it has no mirrors on its walls.  No instructor will “stare you down.”  Whether you are returning to yoga after a long hiatus or have never taken a yoga class before, remember that what your body is capable of doing and how it is feeling on a particular day is the most important voice to listen to; not necessarily what the teacher cues the class to do.

We call this approach “listening to your internal voice,” and that voice  is honored here as the supreme voice.  As you are exposed to the poses and learn the sequences, your body will become stronger (as with any new fitness program). More importantly, you will feel “in your body” more, and less “in your head.”  Within a yoga practice, we are constantly practicing being in the moment, and this is achieved by following your breath and listening to your body’s voices.

How you feel in this moment can depend on how you slept last night, what you ate yesterday, and what your mental state is right now.  That is why our practice comes to us differently each day, and why we cannot compare ourselves to others and their practice.  For those of you who want the basics, the Saturday Beginning Yoga session was created for you!  In it, you will learn the three main styles taught at Bhadra:  Vinyasa, Yin, and Hatha.


This is a very clean studio (floor), and we work hard daily to keep it that way.  Therefore, we do not allow shoes on the practice floor….please take them off before entering the studio room.


On weeknights and Saturday afternoons, the dance studio down the way takes up most of the street parking.  If you cannot park out front or on the West side of the building, McMillan’s Antiques graciously allows  Bhadra Yoga use of its parking lot (after 5 p.m.) on the Northwest corner of 50th and Leavenworth.  Please park in this lot and take these few steps to the studio.


In general, our cancellation policy follows the schools and their cancellations.  I will always cancel a class if there is ice on the ground, or ice falling from the sky.  When in doubt, call the studio at 402.707.YOGA.  If there is a cancelled class, it will be announced on the phone message at least one hour before the scheduled class time.  If not, come on in!  We also encourage you to “friend” us on our Bhadra Yoga Facebook page in order to receive last-minute cancellations or schedule changes.

Check-list of what to bring and what to keep in mind:

  • Yoga mat (we will provide a mat for you but suggest that you purchase your own to better enhance your own personal practice and keep life more sanitary)
  • Water bottle, if you need it
  • Turn off cell phone
  • Sadhana, or spiritual/mental practice is important in this sacred space; please leave shoes at the door
  • Arrive 10 minutes early to settle in
  • Being on time to your class is extremely important; please call us if you are running late. At class-time the phone is turned off, and the studio door is locked.