Beginning Yoga Series I & II

"Gradually but inevitably" -Krishna Das

Next Session:  December 4th - January 15th, 2022.  Register on our "Shop" page, under "Begining Yoga, Series I"


New to yoga?  We have designed a yoga class just for you.  You will learn the basics of postures that will strengthen your core, make you more flexible, stronger, and better able to handle stress.  Get in on this 5,000 year old practice.  It will change your life. 


Each Series is held virtually from 11:00 a.m. - 12:15 p.m. on Saturdays for the 6 weeks indicated.  **This is a virtual, live-streamed course.  You will need to download the Zoom platform to participate.  Class materials will be emailed to you in pdf format, and screen-shared during the discussion portion of class.**

Beginning Yoga Series I

Next Session:  December 4th (2021) - January 15th, 2022

Here we go:  This is Yoga.  Yoga means union.  You will learn how to connect your mind with your body, via your breath.  We start with the basics, like how to properly unroll, store and care for your yoga mat. We will cover home-studio creation and etiquette, how to breathe from your belly, how to approach relaxation & meditation, and so much more.


Handouts are aplenty, as are demonstrations.  Questions are encouraged. 


Beginning Yoga Series II


Next session:  February 5th - March 12th, 2022

Now what? Let's put it all together.  We will string the poses together and add deep breathing for a low-cardio workout. We will remember some pose names and learn some new ones.  More breathing techniques, more ways to relax.