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I have tried many different yoga products since I began teaching yoga in 1996. Here is a list of my favorites to help guide you with what you will need to begin, maintain, and go deeper into your yoga practice...



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Yoga Mat - Prana

I've tried every yoga mat out there. Back in the 90s, we had variations on the "sticky mat," all made from polyvinyl-chloride (PVC) - something you really don't want your face in during Child's Pose. The 2000s gave way to the much more environmentally friendly rubber yoga mat, and the makers were off to the races to get their share of the market - with Manduka, Jade, Hugger-Mugger, and Prana being the top four brands today. ​I use the Prana rubber mat. It doesn't break down as quickly as the other rubber mat-brands, while having optimal traction and everything else you have come to expect from your yoga mat.​ Here's a piece I wrote on my Substack platform, The YogaHag Journal, about how to (eventually) repurpose your yoga mat.

Eye Pillow: Hugger-Mugger

Second only to the yoga mat is the all-important eye pillow. The ones with flax seeds as a filler are the best, as they conform to the eye and brow contours, unlike bead or rice fillers. Always opt for a silk or satin casing for comfort, store it in a container to keep away pests, and it will last you one or two lifetimes.

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