The Habit of Mindfulness

As if we weren't at risk enough before "Smart" phones came on the scene (let's face it - we

haven't really "seen" posted signs since before 1978), now we are hovering around the gray - and dangerous - area of not being aware of our surroundings. While in them. We might have a flashback later during dinner or when our head hits the pillow, but the "being in the moment" movement has taken a huge hit. I am glad my mother, Ram Dass, and Ruth Bader Ginsburg are not here for the pandemic and the rampant mindlessness that we have undergone in the last few years.

We are or will soon be vaccinated, the pandemic is beginning to wane, Spring is here, and people are still looking at their phones while walking the dog and strolling under the gloriously-blossomed trees that are just now sprinkling their white, pink and purple-hued petals upon our Twitter-muddled heads. This does not bode well for humankind.